'Vampire Diaries' scoop: Tyler's full moon transformation, the midseason cliffhanger, and the show's next chapter


Fans of The Vampire Diaries have to wait until Dec. 2 for the next new episode, but here’s some scoop to tide you over. Earlier this week, Michael Trevino filmed Tyler’s full moon transformation into a werewolf, which will air Dec. 9. "They shot it over two days. Closed set, special effects makeup guys, visual effects guys, Michael Trevino ready to rip out his soul and expose it bare to the world," says exec producer Julie Plec. "I think if it’s even half as good as what we want it to be, it’s gonna be amazing. Kevin [Williamson] is the master and the king of the coming-of-age storytelling, as evidenced in Dawson’s Creek. This show is certainly literally not about any of that, but subtextually, it’s all about that. Tyler’s transformation from human into werewolf, it’s the literal growing pains of a boy becoming a man. All of the hell, and the pain, and the agony, and the confusion, and the torture that comes along with it — watching Tyler go through that over an episode will be really beautiful and powerful, and hopefully very harrowing. Seeing how he comes out the other side will define who he is." Look for Tyler to take a cue from his Uncle Mason. "The old Lockwood cellar exists for a reason, and we’ll be making some very good use out of it for this episode," Plec confirms.

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