'The Apprentice': Texting is against the rules


Previously: Eight weeks passed and no one cared. Last week, Trump switched up the teams and made them coed. Then David was fired. In the suite, everyone debates who will come back, blah, blah, OF COURSE it's David. Anand says something arrogant about how he'd actually like everyone gone, to be honest, and there's a reason he's here and the other three are in there. The women come back in and hug everyone. Poppy thinks they'll be a much stronger team (Anand, Stephanie, and Poppy) now, but Clint -- David's biggest hater, if you'll recall -- tells them they have a creative void now, and wonders who will be creative on Fortitude now. They want him to shut his mouth, and I do too. It turns out Clint and Anand hate each other. Because Mahsa and David are gone, and there has to be some drama. Short version of "Money, money, money," which means fifteen seconds of more episodes, and more weecapping for me. Boo!

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