Supernatural 6.08 "All Dogs Go to Heaven" Review

 Supernatural 6.08 All Dogs Go to Heaven Review

Well, that was somewhat uneventful. After a fairly tense and exiting episode of Supernatural last week that managed to answer a few questions and raised a lot more, we’re left this week with a monster-of-the-week story that doesn’t really advance the overall plot. I suppose I can be forgiving since last week moved the plot along rather quickly - we went from guessing what was wrong with Sam to having full-blown confirmation and thinking the weird monsters were the major storyline this season, only to be thrown for a loop with the quest for purgatory. Still, If I thought this was the last season of the show I would probably be more disappointed about the pacing of this episode in the overall mythology of season 6, but I’m feel good about the chances that the show will be renewed next year. So, yes, I feel rather forgiving.

Your Manager Sucks

We open with a death by animal. But that’s fairly unimportant. What is important is that Crowley has clearly not gotten amnesia over the last week and most definitely remembers the offer he made to the Winchester boys: if Sam and Dean help him in his quest to gather alphas, he’ll return Sam’s soul. He reminds the boys of this fact when he catches up with them while they’re grabbing some lunch. Dean is still very resistant to taking on this particular job and continues to refuse. At least, until Crowley puts some mojo on Sam and causes him a lot of pain. Which is extremely interesting. Sam can’t feel emotions and he doesn’t need sleep in order to allow his body to rest. He seems to have better reflexes and - occasionally - some super-human abilities as a result of having no soul. But he’s not immune to pain. Dean’s obviously beaten him and knocked him out and both Cas and Crowley have hurt him with their powers. I find this interesting.

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