Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 7 "Homecoming Hangover" Review

So what happened to Emily at the Homecoming Dance? Well in tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars we find that Emily is ok. She was hurt pretty bad by Toby but he dropped her off at the hospital. Why? we still do not know.

Hanna breaks into the school office to steal Toby's personal file, and the stuff in their is all dirty they start to think that Toby is the one that killed A. Hannah also discovers and tells Emily about seeing pictures of Emily kissing Mya. Jenna warns Emily that she will need that file because if it gets into the wrong hands it would be a disaster.

On top of it all, Sean does a sleezy thing by sending Aria flowers with a note thanking her for the talk they had the previous night. After confronting him about what a jerk off thing that was to do to Hannah, Sean makes an attempt to mend things with her even though she clearly is no longer interested in this prom king.

The girl minus Emily end up throwing the file in the water and at the end of the episode we see only hands picking up the pieces of paper. Who might that be? I guess we will find out but I am sure that they will use this information only to harm. And we learn that Toby may be seriously hurt if not dead after he was in a motorcycle wreckage.

The ending of the episode left us with a text from A, "Thanks for getting rid of Toby for me" - A. What have the girls got themselves into?

So as you can see tonight's episode was a good closure episode for the Homecoming but it leaves us craving for more. Cheers to this hot summer series.


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