The Real Housewives of New York City "Reunion Part 2" Review

Well this is my first time ever stating this but tonight for the first time out of all the Reunion shows I have seen over all the Housewife series, I strongly believe that they need to replace Andy Cohen. Everyone knows he is absolutely ruthless with his questions but that smile and attitude drove me crazy. This guy is laughing all the way to the bank and I would like to see someone up there that could ask some great questions but also have some sort of comic relief to the show.

But as you can expect there was a lot of drama in this second half of this season's Reunion show. And you can know that 'The Countess' still thinks that she is superior to everyone. The girls brought it up but it doesn't ever faze this Housewife, can't break what she believes. Right Darling?

And of course Kelly, well I could go on for hours over this one. Her lack of brain cells drives me crazy, you sit and wonder what the hell she is talking about, I hope they really consider replacing this one. But she might be a little burned tonight after the Countess told her that she is jealous of her. The highlight however tonight was the yelling match between Kelly and Bethenney, "You're Down Here, I'm Up Here".

Even though I say some negative things here in this review the show is very highly entertaining and I wouldn't miss it. These type of shows really pull in you because to watch the drama makes for a great show because truthfully if they all got along would we all watch it? Probably not.


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