Dexter Episode Recap: "Take It" Season 5, Episode 8

Dexter Season 5 Episode 8 - Take ItDexter attends Jordon Chase's self-help seminar in order to track Cole. Meanwhile, Laguerta finds herself in trouble following the Fuentes fallout, and she throws a teammate under the bus in order to save her own skin.

This week's episode begins with Jordan Chase giving one of his motivational speeches to a horde of followers. Amongst the cheering crowd is Dexter, who catches Cole's eye. Lumen calls to let Dex know she found out Cole was discharged from the Marines for beating up a superior. As soon as he hangs up, Cole approaches Dex to bring him up to meet with Chase — who tells Dex he knows he's at his seminar because he's looking for a way to cope with Rita's death. He knows quite a bit about Dexter, actually — an unsettling amount. He tells Dex he wants to discuss his tragic situation in-depth because he has a theory about how he can help. Or perhaps he's trying to rattle Dex with how much he knows about him?

Back at the house, Lumen picks up her cell and it's her fiancé, Owen. (Side note: Why has no one else tried to reach her if she has the same number?) He tells her he's in Miami and wants to see her. She agrees to meet him at noon at a café, just before she has to deliver the supplies for Dex's kill room that he's setting up in the hotel next door to Cole's room.

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