True Blood Season 3 Episode 11 "Fresh Blood" Review

This season of True Blood is absolutely spectacular. I can not begin to tell you how exciting this season has been, but if you are reading this you probably already know so. It is pretty hard to watch just one episode here and there, this series sucks you right in.

But on this particular episode "Fresh Blood" we were reminded of a previous episode where we learn that Sookie is a fairy. This episode, Bill bursts into Fangtasia and ends up with a face full of mace from Pam. Sookie rescues him by choking Pam with her silver chains. Bill's blinded for the time being so Sookie questions Pam. Pam says that Sookie was supposed to be a gift for King Russell, but now that she's escaped they'll all die.

We learned about what Crystal is previously but not a lot of explanation was given. But tonight she talkes with Jason that she's the panther version of a werewolf, a werepanther. He's a lot more concerned about the panther thing than the meth dealer thing. But Crystal lets on that her fiance was her half-brother and she's supposed to breed with him for the rest of her life. That was really disturbing to say the least, but then again this is "True Blood" definitely not reality tv.

Jess feeds off Hoyt tonight and promises him that she won't feed off humans any longer and she admitted that she was the one that killed the truck driver. As Sookie and Bill are driving around indulging in their feelings Eric and Russell literally appear smack dab in front of them. They head over to Fangstasia and well skipping a few details here..the episode ends when Eric handcuffs himself to The King and tells him that they'll die together. Dah Dah Dah...

All in all this is setting up the stage perfectly for the upcoming season finale..I bet you can't wait.


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