THE AMAZING RACE “Ali Baba in a Suit” Recap

The Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 8 - Ali Baba in a Suit

The teams go from St. Petersburg, Russia to Muskat, Oman in the "Ali Baba in a Suit" episode of THE AMAZING RACE and my favorite team comes much too close to being eliminated.

Departure: Last leg’s winners Nat and Kat first at the clue box where they learn they need to fly from St. Petersburg to Muscat, Oman where they must drive to the Burj Mubkhara fort to get their next clue. All of the teams except Chad and Stephanie end up at the same travel agency together as they try to find the best flight. Chad and Stephanie, meanwhile, are snoring away–the first team in Amazing Race history to sleep through their departure time. Poor lonely clue box.

Nat and Kat and Brook and Claire get on the earliest flight while Nick and Vicki, Gary and Mallory, and Jill and Thomas get on a plane arriving one hour forty minutes later. Chad and Stephanie, who finally stir one hour and fifty-two minutes past their departure time get very lucky, not only finding a flight scheduled to arrive only ten minutes later than the second flight, but actually landing early. Jill and Thomas are less than pleased to see them. (That would be some patented and oh-so subtle TAR foreshadowing, by the way.)

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