AMERICAN DAD “Stan’s Food Restaurant” Review

American Dad! Season 6 Episode 4 - Stan's Food Restaurant

Who doesn’t want a restaurant that serves chocolate chip meatballs on a pancake plate? So begins the dream of Stan who wants to open the restaurant that gave him a glimmer of happiness after his father left him as a child. Of course Stan doesn’t know the first thing about opening a restaurant so he enlists the help of Roger, who also doesn’t know anything about the restaurant business. The result is less Stan’s dream and more Roger’s imagining of what a successful restaurant would be.

I myself wondered how successful a restaurant that served Raisinet carbonara and ravioli hamburgers would be with people over the age of 10, but Stan did seem to have a hit on his hands. Perhaps it was the all American theme or the waiter turned Chippendale dancer that did it. I guess we will never know since Roger blew the place up.

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