MERLIN “Queen of Hearts” Reviews

Merlin Season 3 Episode 10 - Queen Of Hearts

Morgana is up to her usual evil schemes and this time Gwen is the target. A prophecy showing Gwen’s ascension to the throne has Morgana’s evil ambitions tied in a knot. After some planting of evidence and some devious trickery she plays match maker to Arthur and Gwen. It’s all a trap, of course, and she lures Uther onto the scene so he can see his beloved son in the arms of some serving girl. Yuck.

After ten episodes of glowers, I’m a little unimpressed about where the writers are going with Morgana. Katie McGrath’s performance itself is fine and she delivers some hammy lines with a mixture of sincerity and smirkiness to avoid some major cringing (the directors need a serious memo on the ‘evil glares’), but the writers have taken Morgana down the strict ‘evil’ route, which I’m a little disappointed about since it would be much more interesting if she was conflicted, or if she thought she was actually doing the right thing with her various regicide attempts (and we all know, especially after this episode, that Uther has to get gone) but instead of showing her conflicted, they show her as sadistic, which they just are not pulling off, considering that in every episode Merlin thwarts her attempts without much difficulty and few repercussions.

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