SANCTUARY “Hero II: Broken Arrow” Review

Sanctuary Season 3 Episode 5 - Hero 2: Broken Arrow

I think this episode could have been a lot more fun than it was. I have not seen the first Hero episode with the transformation of Walter, but there was so much material that the writers abandoned. There was not enough interaction with Kate as the bad ass in the suit. My favorite moments of the show involved Kate and the team, but they were all cut short. The face off with Big Foot would have been delicious had Kate not knocked him out almost immediately. The kiss between she and Henry felt forced. Shouldn’t a suit that gives you the ulitmate power and removes your inhibitors be a bit more fun? The only thing fun about this episode was Walter.

Having not seen the first part, Walter was a refreshing character. I quickly caught up to speed about the changes that Walter has gone through since he was removed from the suit. From insurance adjuster to screenwriter and, one in demand, is quite the change. Of course, that change comes with a price. Walter is not the same innocent nerdy guy he once was. Fame causes him to share the secret of the suit with a hot girl which ultimately leads to the ambush, hijack and torture of Kate. How telling is it when a suit recognizes that you are no longer yourself?

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