CSI: NY “Scared Stiff” Review

CSI: NY Season 7 Episode 8 - Scared Stiff

Oh CSI: NY, why must you be so tacky? Why? Opening scene: haunting, beautiful. A girl in a white dress curled up on the morgue table, dead, eyes wide and seeing something no one else could. As Sid straightens her out, the sounds of groaning bones and stiff flesh is just grotesque. And then the writers have to ruin it all, don’t they: they have to make sure that Sid speaks. The entire scene and opening of the episode is just ruined with the stupid, insufferably duh line: "Unofficially it looks like our Jane Doe was scared to death."

It was also an episode for ghost stories and ghosts and computer generated ghosts on ice, which was quite possibly the stupidest thing I’d ever seen, and I’ve watched all eight episodes this season.

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