'The Amazing Race' recap: Marry Me!

Someday, far in the future, a family will be eating dinner. The family will have four children: two stout twin boys (one of them a championship football player, the other a championship StarCraft player), a wise-beyond-her-years girl who spends most meals secretly trading stocks on the smartphone implanted in her left hand, and an adorable little girl. "Tell us, Da–da," the youngest child will say. "Tell us again about how you proposed to mommy!" "Tell you," the proud father will say. "How 'bout I show you!" And then, as Mama Stephanie and the older children all groan, Papa Chad will point his finger at one wall of the house and say "Computer, play proposal video!" The wall will magically turn into a giant television set. The CBS logo will flash onscreen. And the whole family will have to watch last night's episode ofThe Amazing Race for the one millionth time.

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