'Desperate Housewives' recap: Thanks(giving) But No Thanks

Welcome back, Wisteria-philes! Last week I said that the season officially started the moment Felicia Tillman grinned back at the ever stupefied Beth, and it was confirmed at last that she is the mother of Mrs. Paul Young. Well, maybe it was a false start. Tonight, Felicia, crazy as a caged cat, discovered that her daughter had developed feelings for her new husband and was none too pleased about it. Funny that this was a Thanksgiving episode because none of our Housewives seemed particularly thankful. Actually, most of them seemed downright miserable. Is it just me, or have the holiday episodes on Desperate Housewives been depressing of late?

Let’s start off with the most joyous storyline first and work our way down. And, yes that means the one with Keith’s parents breaking up over the Thanksgiving dinner. (How fitting that this week's Stephen Sondheim-inspired episode title, "Sorry Grateful" comes from his musical Company, which is all about upper middle class types drinking and venting about their failed or failing relationships.) Well, Keith’s mom Mary (Nancy Travis), stopped by to visit Bree and apologize for her drunken antics at last week's dinner, when she all but announced to the entire restaurant that her son’s girlfriend is now menopausal. She suggested that she was sad she wouldn’t be spending Thanksgiving with her son this year, since he’d be with Bree, and since it had been some time since she, her husband, and Keith had shared the holiday together. You see, Mary's spouse Richard served in the military and spent most of his time far, far away from his wife. A sucker for the idea of the perfect Thanksgiving family reunion, Bree invited Keith’s parents to her feast. To seal the deal, Mary said she’d be on her best behavior, prompting Bree to reply, "I know you will, because, as Keith told you, I have guns."

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