'Brothers and Sisters' recap: Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

In this week's episode, "The Rhapsody of the Flesh," Justin got over Rebecca (and apparently last week's hot nurse Annie) just in time to fall back into his natural role of Sober Sex God Extraordinaire. But the real drama presented itself in Luc's visiting mother, Gabriella Laurent (guest star Sonia Braga, who's appeared in many a TV drama, but best of all, hello, Alias!) Right off the bat, there were signs she was a complete narcissist loon and also -- now that I'm reading over her first few sentences on Luc and Sarah's doorstep -- a pathological liar. "Sometimes you miss your children so much you just cannot stay away from them." (Lie.) "My only desire was to come here to meet Sarah." (Lie.) "I went ahead and booked a hotel room." (Probably a lie.) "I would rather die before I distracted my genius son from his work." (LOL.) At least we knew we were in for a dazzling, emotionally draining treat, courtesy of a(n at least a) decade-old bottle of absinthe.

After meeting Nora, Gabriella took it upon herself to play matchmaker for Nora and Dr. Karl. "Matchmaker" is a funny word for "inserting yourself into someone's TV date and making the woman cook Moroccan food for you all night," but whatever. Some of her freewheeling European ideas made sense for Nora! "Only Americans find an excuse to frown upon pleasure," she lamented. Ain't that the truth. I should be guzzling down wine right now, in bed, NOT ALONE, dictating this recap to a meaty-limbed manservant with Nutella-dipped strawberries for pores and a big croissant instead of hair. We are living incorrectly, man! Really, Gabriella made sense for about a minute here. And then it was onto the crazy.

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