90210 Season 2 Episode 18 "Another Another Chance" Review

Well tonight was definately a great episode of 90210! And I thought it might be a dud since the sneak peek looked like it was going to be a cheery and a non-dramatic episode. I was wrong!

Even though Annie had put Jasper behind her, driving past the hit and run scene brought waves of guilt crashing down on her. And Naomi's little white lie about the sexual harrassment was brought to a head tonight when she had to testify in front of the school. I was disappointed however that Jasper has been lacking in these last few episodes. Yes he is a true creep but I was hoping for more stalking and threatening. It made for great episodes.

I was suprised tonight when Gia was caught by Adrianna with her ex after finding out about the friendly conversation between between Aid and Navid. I am still rooting for those two! All in all it was a great night of 90210, with great well written dialogue by all the cast members. It is great when the show doesn't just focus solely on a couple of the actors. And cheers to Dixon and Ivy!


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