Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Hunt for Ziro" Review

This was another episode I would qualify as, well, a bit odd. That has to do with the spotlight on two incredibly strange characters, Ziro the Hutt and Sy Snootles. In the meantime, we also got the Clone Wars introduction of Quinlan Vos, in what was a fairly busy episode.

I was amused to see Return of the Jedi's Sy Snootles first appear, singing in a fun sequence that had her backed by Vegas-style Twi'lek showgirls. Little did I know in that scene that she'd go on to have a crucial role however, which involved her romance with Ziro the Hutt… and yes, that was perhaps more information than we needed. I've never been a fan of the off-putting Ziro, with his odd, effeminate mannerisms, and wasn't sure what to make of his affair with the squeaky voiced Snootles.

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