Lucky Strike Lanes CEO Gets Weepy on 'Undercover Boss' (VIDEO)

Steven Foster Cries on 'Undercover Boss'

CEO Steven Foster donned a wig (and, at one point, a bowling pin costume) as "Aaron" on 'Undercover Boss' (Sun., 9PM ET on CBS). While in Houston, Foster worked with Jermaine. After the big reveal, the CEO recruited him for a special training team, saying, "Your positivity is unbelievable."

Foster asked that Jermaine use his computer programming skills to integrate two computer systems. Also, Jermaine's ideas for a Lucky Strike T-shirt would be implemented, with a percentage of the sales made into a fund for his blind son.

Foster then broke down. "You get moments like this in life that are turning points -- that's this," he said through tears. Jermaine got emotional, too.

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