'Sanctuary' Season 3, Episode 5 Recap

One of the things that makes 'Sanctuary' such a great show to watch are episodes like this one. This was a sequel of sorts to the episode 'Hero' from last season about a suit made up of abnormal insects attaching itself to a host.

This time around the host was Kate, who became a bad-ass superhero, but when things got a little wonky, it was up to Magnus and the gang to neutralize her before she caused any real damage.

Kate and Will went on a mission to transport abnormals to a temporary off-site facility after a security breach, but ran into trouble when a group of armed operatives highjacked their truck. Before the bad guys managed to steal the suit, it attached itself to Kate turning her into a bona fide superhero, or in this case more like super villain.

Kate was a heightened version of herself and displayed some wicked powers including super speed, immense strength, awesome acrobatics, and the power of seduction. It was fun seeing her like this. There have been a lot of episodes featuring Kate lately and it's good that the writers are adding new dimensions to her character. It made her much more likeable.

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