Bachelor Pad Season 1 Episode 5 - Goodbye to 4 Girls" Review

What an interesting change of events on this new episode of Bachelor Pad. It has been a constant struggle between the outsiders and the couples but so far the couples have held strong. But after tonight it was pretty clear what the objection this show aims for and that really it aims for relationship building rather then singlehood.

It was time to even things up, and the men were asked to chose one female each as it would be there partner and the game will be played in partners from here on out. Which meant three of the girls would be sent home. Who? Of course the outsiders all except Jesse B. and Peyton of course.

So we were left with four couples and a competition for roses this week. Dave and Natalie won and spent a romantic night away with a sweet Lambo ride. But in the end, Natalie wanted to get Elizabeth and Kovaks out rather then Peyton and Jesse B. But Dave wanted to hold his alliance true with Kovaks. In the end, Peyton and Jesse B. were sent home. Guess Gia really messed it up for all the outsiders right from the gecko.

Next week is the season finale. This show started out to a great start but I feel that it really has lost a lot of appeal and quickly. Maybe next time around they will have better plans for the show like bringing in temptors and temptresses to the mix. Guess we will find out.


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