Recap The Young & The Restless: Monday, August 23, 2010

Sharon decides to take Nick’s offer to move back to the ranch as they seem to be becoming a family again. Nick runs into Phyllis and she goes ballistic when she hears that Sharon and Faith are staying with Nick. Meanwhile, Adam shows up at the ranch and Sharon immediately wonder what happened to his eye. Nick asks Adam to leave, but Nick is furious with Sharon for letting him in. Later, Phyllis works out her aggressions by having sex with Deacon.

Abby informs Daniel that she is going to Gloworm to work on her image. At Gloworm, Abby starts to strip for her adoring public in order to save Daniel from ripping Deacon apart. 

Ashley informs Tucker that she isn’t interested in him. Unwilling to let Ashley shut him out Tucker’s frustration gets the best of him.

Billy and Victoria go to get matching tattoos. Victoria gets "Billy forever", but before Billy’s ‘Victoria’ can be finished the tattoo artist has a heart attack. Billy’s tattoo read’s ‘Victor’.

Adam tries to push Victor’s buttons but ends up getting punched. Later, Victor offers Jack another partnership and a way to take down Adam. Jack calls Skye to inform her that he is having his money wired into their hedge fund tomorrow.

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