Recap The Young & The Restless: Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lauren and Jill sign the paperwork handing Jill half of Fenmore’s. Jill remembers Cane’s advice as she tries to reach out to Lauren, but Lauren isn’t ready. Lauren learns Jill decides to have her new executive headshot mounted in every Fenmore’s. 

Malcolm informs Lily and Cane that he wants to be there for the twins as they grow up. After nearly losing Lily, he has realized how important the little moments are. Jill offers Cane and Lily, Phillip’s old christening gown for Charlie.

Heather admits to Chance that Ronan was the one that took the drugs from her office. Meanwhile, Nina begins to worry that her other son might be dead. Heather informs Owen that Ronan took the drugs and he is going to use them to track the drug ring.

Ronan admits to Owen that the drugs didn’t come from the police evidence locker. Owen is silently relieved and fires Heather. Alone, Ronan confesses to Heather that he did her a favor. Later, Ronan gives Meeks the real drugs from the evidence locker and tries to get in the drug ring. While being comforted by Chance, Heather admits her feelings for him.

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