Recap The Young & The Restless: Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The day of Cane and Lily’s twins christening, Traci is extremely emotional when she meets the twins for the first time. As everyone is leaving for the church, Michael arrives to inform Cane that the I.C.E. has moved up his court case to today. 

Neil and Sofia start to fight as they wait at to hear news about Cane. Michael admits to Lily and Cane that this is their last appeal. Lily and Cane remain optimistic that after everything they’ve been through, they can beat this. Later, Cane and Lily arrive at the christening and inform everyone Cane can stay. 

New couples, Victoria and J.T. struggle sharing they have moved in with their new partners. Later, J.T. and Victoria get into it when J.T. accidentally sees Victoria’s tattoo and Reed lets it slip that Mac moved in with them. 

As Chance and Heather are about to make love again, Heather notices a car outside. Chance thinks Ronan is spying on them, but he is at Chloe’s. Chloe plans to use to her powers of seduction to get Ronan to open up. Ronan makes a cryptic phone call to Christine informing her that they were way off on who Ronan can trust. 

Chance comes to Chloe’s apartment to inform her that Ronan is using her to get to him. Alone, Chloe and Ronan get into an argument about Chloe having to keep Ronan’s secret. When Chloe decides to leave her engagement ring in an envelope outside Heather’s apartment she overhears Chance start to make love to Heather.

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