Recap The Young & The Restless: Friday, August 27, 2010

Billy is surprised when Victoria suddenly bursts into tears after waking up in the trailer. Victoria informs him that the trailer is too small for Reed. Billy suggests that they buy a house together. Billy and Victoria are skeptical when their realtor turns out to be none other than Gloria. Later, Gloria ends up showing Victoria and Billy a house straight out of "Father knows Best" and despite themselves Billy and Victoria end up falling in love with it.

At the ranch, Michael and Victor meet with Adam and Vance. Victor offers Adam a settlement of nothing. Jack informs Victor that he separated the Abbott’s from Adam’s lawsuit. Skye is furious that Adam refuses to drop the lawsuit. Later, Adam is stunned when Skye ends up being Victor’s secret weapon.

Tucker wonders to Ashley if Jack will come through for them with Victor and Beauty of Nature. Jack arrives at Jabot and walks in on Ashley and Tucker amidst a passionate kiss. Jack informs Tucker that he isn’t sharing anything he has on acquiring Beauty of Nature until he has contract in writing making him Co-CEO of Jabot.

Tucker agrees to Jack’s terms and signs the contracts. Jack explains to Tucker his plan to use Abby’s trust to make Victor’s empire bleed. The two agree that when it comes to business what Ashley doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Later, Ashley and Jack are blindsided when they get the news that Adam dropped the suit against the Newmans.

Kay offers to let Nikki and Victor to get married at the Chancellor mansion. While planning Nikki’s wedding, Meggie spikes Nikki’s ginger ale with vodka. Later, Victor joins them just as Nikki starts to drink from her liquor tainted ginger ale.

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