Recap The Young & The Restless: Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Phyllis decides to expand her blog, "A Woman Scorned" to make it a tribute to "The Real Home Wreckers of Genoa City". Sharon moves back into her place at the ranch. At the park, Phyllis rips into Sharon for shacking up with Nick. Meanwhile, Nikki has a nightmare about taking a drink.

At the spa, Ashley apologizes to Nikki for everything that happened with Victor over the past two years. Nikki opens up to Kay about her dream that she was drinking again. She believes that it may be her subconscious saying she shouldn’t remarry Victor. Later, Nikki asks Meggie to make her another smoothie.

Jill starts to drive Lauren crazy when she informs Lauren that she is entitled to half over everything Fenmore’s, including Lauren’s office. At the spa, Lauren and Jill end up acting like children when they start fighting over Fenmore’s. Later, Lauren and Jill’s blow altercation is about to get physical when they receive texts about Phyllis’s blog.

At yoga, Mac and Victoria are surprisingly managing to get along, that is until Chloe arrives and sees Victoria’s "Billy Forever" tattoo and loses it. As Chloe is leaving yoga she runs into Heather who asks for her help convincing Chance that he is in danger. Chloe shows Heather her bare ring finger and informs her that Chance is no longer her concern. Heather and Chloe go at it as Chloe defends her actions. Heather realizes that Chloe has feelings for Ronan.

Abby informs Ashley that she will never make the same choices Ashley made because of a man. Ashley says she is strong enough to be close to a man without losing her independence, especially if he can’t be trusted.

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