Recap The Young & The Restless: Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tension rises as J.T., Mac, Billy, Victoria, Chloe, and Kevin prepare their kids to go back to school. Gloria offers Kevin a job working for her and Jeff at Gloworm working on their accounting and computer systems. Jana gets a job as an art teacher at Delia’s school.

Ronan asks Heather to help him close his case by spying on Chance. Meanwhile, Chance informs Nina he has a plan to get himself cleared of all the drug charges. Chance confronts Chloe about returning her engagement ring and learns that Chloe knows that he slept with Heather again.

Chance informs Chloe about his plan to meet with a guy from The Examiner. At Heather’s, Chance informs her that he broke things off with Chloe and about his plan. Later, Heather finds Chloe and informs her that Chance is in trouble and she needs to know where he is now. Heather gets Chance’s location from Chloe and calls Ronan, unaware that he is being followed by Meeks.

Billy finds Victoria’s pregnancy test. Billy tries not to let his terror show when Victoria reveals she may be pregnant. Victoria comes out of the bathroom after taking the pregnancy test and finds that Billy has taken off. At Jimmy’s, Billy sits alone drinking. Meanwhile, J.T. welcomes Mac to their apartment with monogrammed "his and hers" towels and a passionate kiss.

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