Big Brother 12 Season 12 Episode 16 "Elimination" Review

Well well I never thought the day would come on this season's Big Brother 12. It is pretty clear how strongly all the houseguests felt about this particular nominee. In fact the votes tonight were 6 to 0. Rachel was officially eliminated from the Big Brother House.

But there is a chance she can still make it back into the house. According to Julie Chan America will vote for a member to come back, my guess it will be Rachel because she will stir up the most trouble for the guests inside. And America loves to watch drama.

Ragan has been doing a great job of being a "sabatouer" and sent a message to the houseguests indicating that even though there are two on the block they might not be seperated and that love truly conquers all. This caused somewhat of an uproar.

And once again we did not find out who won the HOH competition. Because it took too long. This is soooo frustrating sometimes since now I have to wait the entire weekend to find out unless you watch BB Live. Great episode none the less.


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