THE BIG C “Taking the Plunge” (Season Finale) Review

The Big C Season 1 Episode 13 - Taking the Plunge

Cathy deals with the fallout from Marlene’s death and evaluates treatment options in the "Taking the Plunge" season finale of THE BIG C. I was lucky enough to watch this episode early and it’s a strong, emotional finish to the season.

So, Marlene’s suicide in "Everything that Rises must Coverge" just about ripped my heart out. Almost up until Paul left Marlene’s house without taking Chekov’s gun, I thought Marlene and Thomas would be moving into Cathy’s house, but hearing Marlene’s broken apology, I knew what was coming and I wanted to hide my screener DVD in the freezer. Marlene was my favorite character and I will miss her terribly. I realize her purpose of being the only person who knew about Cathy’s condition and could offer sage advice is now gone, but I can’t help but feel like her journey was unfinished. That said, "Taking the Plunge" puts her death into more context, and she is both honored and used to move action forward for more than one character.

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Nov 16, 2010 7:51PM EST

Considering the main character's storyline, this is one of the better cable shows in years. I for one have not felt pangs of sadness for Cathy, because the writers haven't allowed me too--they haven't allowed Cathy to let go of her inner strength to live. Instead, they've focused on life's monkey-wrench realities, the ying and yang of relationships, the spirtualness to look past grief, and focus on the greater good which is hope. Hope for a better tomorrow is sprinkled everywhere--Cathy's pool, Marlene's funerial (I will miss this character but her loss was a lesson for Cathy to learn from), getting back with her stead-fast husband played excellent by Platt, her interest in alternative medicine, and buying all those "just in case I'm gone" gifts for her son forcing his relality check. Cathy is one hell of a woman who is pursuing the odds to keep herself, and everyone she touches above water, in a world that sometimes doesn't make any sense. But, even when something doesn't make sense, you must make do with trust, and take the plunge. Everyone who watches this show can learn something from it.

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