WEEDS “Theoretical Love Is Not Dead” (Season 6 Finale) Review

Weeds Season 6 Episode 13 - Theoretical Love is Not Dead

Esteban and Guillermo have Nancy, leaving Andy to try and get the Botwins–and Warren–onto the plane in the "Theoretical Love is Not Dead" season finale of WEEDS. I was lucky enough to preview the tense, emotional episode and I think it’s the best of the season by far.

There’s not much better on Weeds than watching a cornered Nancy try to figure her way out of a mess, and Nancy is in quite the mess here. This is the best material Mary-Louise Parker has had all season and she makes the most of it. Every emotion flickers over her face and you can practically see the desperate thoughts forming as she tries to play Esteban. It’s great to see Guillermo and there are enough twists to keep the outcome very much in doubt.

Silas is still hanging out with his "sperm daddy" as he tries to decide his future. There is a wonderful scene with Silas, Andy, Shane, and Lars that runs the gamut of emotion. It’s well-played by everyone, and Shane should heed his brother’s words. Both brothers have awesome moments in the episode, but the line of the night–you’ll know it when you hear it–goes to Silas.

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