HOUSE “A Pox on our House” Review

House Season 7 Episode 7 - A Pox on Our House

A girl becomes ill after diving with her family at the site of a wrecked slave ship in the "A Pox on Our House" episode of HOUSE. The team has to contend with both the clock and the Center for Disease Control as they try to determine exactly which disease is the culprit. I saw the episode early, and it’s an enjoyable, twisty ride with some nice emotional depth.

I think this is the best patient of the week story so far this season. In addition to the normal twists and turns, we have the addition of interference from the CDC in the form of Dr. Broda, whose presence frustrates and inspires House. Dylan Baker (can someone give this guy a show, already?) elevates what could be a very stock role, giving it forcefulness and nuance. My favorite medical cases are the ones who have emotional punch in addition to an intriguing disease, and this one delivers both. That some of the impact comes from House himself is a bonus.

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