LIE TO ME “Beyond Belief” Review

Lie to Me Season 3 Episode 6 - Beyond Belief

Okay so here’s the problem I had with this episode. It felt like they used this storyline to make fun of these types of groups and I don’t hold with that. If people wanna go see a "guru" or burn candles or chant or whatever, I don’t care and I’m not going to make fun of them for it. There’s room for everyone in this wacky world of ours. Now, when it was about a guy who was a criminal and abandoned his family? That was fine. The guy was a scumbag for doing that and the moment he threatened Cal and his family, all bets were off and I wanted Cal to kick his ass.

But basically I just hated this whole storyline and so I found it very hard to watch without thinking that the whole time. This is very unusual for me and when the episode was over I tried to figure out if there were any redeeming qualities that I could talk about so that this review wouldn’t be about how much I disliked it. Then I realized that this was my review and, well, I can say whatever I want. It was very freeing, really.

With all that said though, I actually did have some favorite bits, believe it or not. Because I do still love these characters and they still did some things I thought were funny. I’m not going to not mention those things just because I didn’t like the storyline of this one particular episode.

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