90210 “They’re Playing Her Song” Review

90210 Season 3 Episode 9 - They're Playing Her Song

They are definitely singing her song, and now it is going to Ade’s head just as I predicted. I am sure it is hard to be thrown into the spotlight like that, especially for a teenager, but Adrianna should be somewhat used to it, being a child actor and all. So why the change now? It is one thing to blow off your boyfriend for an interview with Ryan Seacrest, but to only offer 5 minutes of your time during a dinner that was supposed to be just the two of you, is a bit much. Is anyone else reminded of Naomi and Liam? Remember when Naomi kept blowing him off and Liam went right to Annie who listened? Welcome to Navid and Silver. Personally, I am a fan. I think they are a much more interesting couple.

Speaking of Navid, how awful is his family storyline? His father blames him for his illegal actitivies, mainly that he got caught. Then he flees to Iran leaving his entire family behind to deal with the publicity and likely financial aftermath. I think that proves just what type of person he really is, not a good one.

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