'The Event': Just say the name, Mr. Vice President

the-event-1115-320.jpgThe Event" shares some structural DNA and an executive producer with "24," and with the aliens taking the week off, this episode felt very much like a middle-of-the-season episode of the late FOX series, with conspiracies, DIY medicine and ineffective security all over the place.The big revelation was that the vice president has been working with the mysterious, evil Hal Holbrook -- OK, we'll call him by his character name: Dempsey -- and that he knew about and didn't try to stop the attempted assassination-by-jetliner on President Martinez. His call to Dempsey shortly before the plane took off is what helps Martinez and Sterling connect the dots to him.

VP Jarvis is about to come clean for all his sins -- he's even told Martinez that he worked with "a very powerful man" -- when, oh, some random blue van just drives into the perimeter around the veep's doctor's office, right where Jarvis is coming out. Boom goes the van, and Jarvis is in no condition to say the name "Dempsey." (The full scene in all its implausible glory is below.)

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