Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 8

Have to say not a huge fan of Izzie right now. How could she just take off like that and leave Alex no explanation or contact, not very wifey. And on top of it, all those hospital bills, kind of feeling for the guy right now. Kind of a dangerous situation as well for a doctor to be so distracted at work.

I really enjoyed this episode with the little boy. Got to admit I did cry at the loss of the little boy. In that situation as a parent I could not revoke the donation that I had already promised to give. However it did look like he got superb medical treatment from the pediatric staff at Seattle Grace.

Not too sure how many of you are routing for Christina and Owen. I liked Christina when she was with her last finace and Owen is completely the opposite of him with a lot of issues I have to add. Can't see it lasting forever. Imagine him and Izzie would make a better pair. Imagine that.


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