Glee: "The Substitute" Review

"The Substitute" was an absolute blast. From the opening moments of the episode straight on through to the end, Tuesday night's Glee just packed in the entertainment. Great storylines, great jokes, great songs, great guest appearance-- there was little that went wrong in the entire hour, allowing this dramedy to deliver its funniest episode of the season.

It all began with a blink-and-you-miss-it sight gag that set the tone for the rest of the hour. Four Cheerios walked through the halls of McKinley High carrying a comically oversized trophy on their collective shoulders. It foreshadowed that everything to come was going to be just as comically oversized. The virus attack on Figgins, the Glee Kids, the buttered floor sight gags, Mercedes' "Norma Rae" moment, the consequence-ignoring substitute-- all were the type of comic extremes Glee has used before, but never so many in one hour. Memorable one-liners and quick, throwaway gags littered this episode. The flashback of Rachel taking over the glee club was hilarious. Mercedes thinking broccoli was a toilet brush was great, and hearing Brittany had believed Sue had cut down a little tree where a family of gummi bears had lived topped that.

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