'The Good Wife' actually got an aspect of the Internet right

Last night’s episode of The Good Wife, in addition to being another terrific episode, featured one thing that really stood out to me: Not Miranda Cosgrove (who was great!), not Kalinda’s consistently chic wardrobe (soooo chic-and-ass-kicky). Nope, what struck me was that the show managed to feature an aspect Internet culture in a way that was actually accurate and appropriate. This is like seeing a primetime unicorn!

The episode included a minor subplot about teenager Grace watching those CGI recreations from that Taiwanese news show — recall the one where Snooki hits President Obama with a wine bottle, or the one that recreated Tiger Woods’ car crash last year, etc. On The Good Wife, Grace watched one about a DUI-happy starlet and one about her dad’s sex scandal, and it’s so dead-on I kind of can’t believe it:

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