'16 and Pregnant' recap: Fathers Be Good to Your Daughters

Daddy issues: Not only are they real, but they can be devastating. Markai's father was absent for much of her childhood, and the years she spent waiting and hoping, only to be disappointed, caused her to grow up extremely fast. She was hellbent on not becoming a single parent and wanted to ensure her child -- whenever she had one -- would have a relationship with both of his or her parents. "I told myself if I was going to have a baby, that baby's going to have a daddy, no matter what," she said. Nice in theory, but can it really work that way at 16?

Markai was a high-school senior on the path to veterinary school -- not motherhood --  but maybe she should have added condoms to her curriculum. (Or, as her younger sister so poetically put it, "Close your legs!") To Markai, though, having a baby meant having an instant family, even if the man in her life was apprehensive about commitment. When she and boyfriend James got pregnant very early into their relationship, he assured her he'd "take care of [his]" which led her to believe they would make this work. Well, they had to, because as she told him, "breaking up is never an option." Translation: You better not leave me, now pass me my spit cup!

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