DETROIT 187 “Deja Vu; All In” Review

Detroit 1-8-7 Season 1 Episode 8 - 	 Deja Vu; All In

Again, the writers are doing a good job of providing excellent murder plots that are never quite what they seem. First, Washington, Fitch, Sanchez and Stone investigate a murder with no body, but a heck of a lot of blood. Their investigation reveals that the teen was a drug runner to and from Canada for a local business man. He also had an accomplice, another teenager with a shady family past. It was right about here that things started to spin in different directions. The end result, though, was harrowing. At first I thought Trevor’s grandfather was great for sticking up for his grandson and putting his foot down. However, in the end, after Trevor had overdosed and died and all his grandfather could say was "More honorable than surrender", I began to see that he was doing anything but looking out for his grandson’s best interests. He killed a kid just to show his grandson and the others "how to be a man" and "how to treat a traitor"? Unbelievable. The sad thing is, it seemed that some of the kids were really good kids. The deceased, Seth, just wanted out to get back to school and on the right path, something the grandfather should have been encouraging. Rather, as Fitch said, he was living in the past with The Purple Gang and forcing his expectations and lifestyle on kids that were easily manipulated and then, later, coerced.

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