TOWER PREP “The Rooks” Review

Tower Prep Season 1 Episode 5 - The Rooks

It seems like almost every private school has a secret society and Tower Prep is no exception as we discover in this week’s episode "The Rooks." Rumors abound on campus about an ultra secret fraternity that chooses the best and brightest for membership in its mysterious ranks. Gabe dreams of joining, wanting to be part of the group more than anything. And… You knew the "and" was coming, didn’t you? He and Ian are both tapped to be initiated by the group.

Gabe jumps in with both feet, while Ian approaches the whole question with more caution, wanting as always, to get to the bottom of the groups mysteries. The Rooks seem to be able to make people’s abilities more powerful, and that sets off a warning bell for Ian and he makes it a mission to discover what’s going on. Along the way he uncovers the fact that Coach was involved with the Rooks at one time and was part of a program involving a substance known as "Corvis".

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