PARENTHOOD “Put Yourself Out There” Review

Parenthood Season 2 Episode 9 - 	 Put Yourself Out There

The line between asserting yourself and being selfish is explored in the "Put Yourself Out There" episode of PARENTHOOD as Kristina tries to get Max invited to a birthday party, Zeek succumbs to jealousy, and Amber confronts her fear of failure.

 Camille and Zeke: I think there’s been a whole lot of repression of feelings going on with these two this season, but the poo hits the fan now. Should Camille be taking a class with her ex-lover? Debatable, and I don’t necessarily buy the "It’s about trust" argument, but Zeek is way out of line in going to the "Portuguese Pound Cake." Their argument is raw and hurtful and sad, just as it should be. I’m not sure where this story isgoing to go, and I think that’s a good thing because it makes it feel more real.

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