Survivor 21.10 "Stuck in the Middle" Recap

 Survivor 21.10 Stuck in the Middle Recap

This week's episode begins with Libertad returning to camp after ousting Marty.  Brenda confesses that the votes at Tribal Council revealed to Fabio, Benry and Dan that she and Sash aren't in their alliance.  She agrees that it appears she and Sash are the kind and queen of the tribe, but Sash is more of the queen and she is the king (was this a hidden sexuality reference, or is Brenda just saying she wears the pants in their partnership.  I think the latter).  Holly approaches Jane and tells her that Brenda and Sash are just going to pick all of them off.  She, Jane, Chase and NaOnka were always tight, so they should make a move against Brenda and Sash.  Holly confides to the camera that a power move must be makes against Brenda and Sash before the next Tribal Council.  She has nothing to lose, so she might as well be the one.  "Something has to change soon," she concludes.

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