Terriers 1.11 "Sins of the Past" Review

With only three episodes left, critics and fans alike are moving into "Save Terriers" mode and the series is continuing to prove why all those columns and Twitter hashtags are worthwhile. "Sins of the Past" is a flashback episode to the case that cost Hank his job and his marriage and it’s also unbelievably powerful. I can’t say for sure because the recency effect might in play here, but as of now, "Sins" is definitely my favorite episode of the season and is absolutely one of the 2-3 best thus far.

 Terriers 1.11 Sins of the Past ReviewFlashback episodes are always tricky business and perhaps even more so when what is being shown seems so crucial to the characters in the present. All season, the story has danced around what really happened to Hank, what got him fired, what made Gustafason resent him and what made Gretchen leave him. Gustafason, Gretchen and even Hank have mentioned things in passing, but there hasn’t been much specificity. But for the most part, that’s a good thing because it’s important for the series to develop the characters in the present, and Terriers has absolutely done that. We’ve seen Hank be a heroic, awesome guy in a way that totally conflicts some of the criticisms Mark and Gretchen have spit at him. But we’ve also seen him as a misguided, incessant investigator who easily holds a grudge.

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