CRIMINAL MINDS “Into The Woods” Review

Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode 9 - Into the Woods

There is a child murderer loose on the Appalachian Trail and it is up to the BAU to find the man before he kills his next victims. A killer kidnaps the children and keeps them in some ratty cell for several months before killing them, wrapping them in a plastic bag, and leaving them to rot in the woods. As creepy as the story was, it lead to some rare, stellar acting from child actors playing brother and sister Robert and Anna.

With the exception of Mad Men‘s Kiernan Shipka and the young cast of Modern Family, most storylines centered around children are more useful for sedation rather than entertainment, and that is mainly due to the acting. It’s excusable, of course, because they are children, but it’s such a rare treat to watch not one, but two natural young actors who make characters out of their lines, instead of just watching two cute children reciting learnt off dialogue with the feeling that the director is waving off-camera "Scared! Wide eyes! Yes! That’s the shot! Cut!"

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