PSYCH “In Plain Fright” Review

Psych Season 5 Episode 11 - In Plain Fright

Shawn and Gus have a real-live Scooby-Doo mystery on their hands and it takes place in an amusement park called ScareFest? Did the writers decide to make an episode especially for me? Because that’s what it felt like when I watched this one. Last month I went to haunted amusement parks (and one haunted hayride) no less than six different times. Though the ones I went to were way cooler (and way more scary) than the one in this episode, I was still excited to see it.

Psych didn’t disappoint at all either – the mystery was good, Shawn and Gus got to run around like the Shaggy and Scooby (Shawn is totally Scooby in my opinion) and solved the case by uncovering the ghost as really a couple of people pretending to be ghosts to get revenge for a little boy’s murder. What’s not to love?

Plus I liked that Shawn and Juliette’s relationship was played just the right amount in this episode. I don’t want it get tired and boring, which it could if they constantly threw it in our faces. I also think it’s fun that they’re having to keep it a secret from Lassie and everyone else at the station.

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