BETTER WITH YOU “Better With Flirting” Review

Better With You Season 1 Episode 8 - Better With Flirting

This week’s episode of BETTER WITH YOU tackled flirting for favors. I think that is something with which we are all familiar. I also think, like on the show, some of us are better at it than others.

There were two things going on in this episode. First, Ben was trying to learn how to flirt again after he saw Maddie flawlessly execute a game of flirting at the yogurt shop that resulted in extra secret toppings. The second was the planning of Casey and Mia’s wedding and the involvement of Vicky and Joel. First, Ben is a horrible flirter. After the first try resulted in being called a pervert in the yogurt shop, he enlists the help of Casey which only makes sense. After all, it is easy to tell that Casey is a big flirt. But, how do you coach someone in flirting who is so evidently bad at it? Apparently you don’t do much of anything as Casey basically sends Ben off telling him to focus on his ears since everything else he does seems creepy. Unfortunately, Ben’s flirting is so horrible he actually ends up "dating" the cashier at the yogurt shop. I thought that scene was hilarious and it was even more so when Maddie had to go back there and help him "break up" with the girl. Could Maddie really be surprised that the guy she flirted with at the shop was in love with her? It was a bit insulting to say "I get secret toppings and you get the attention of a pretty girl." Although I did like Ben’s yelling at the first cashier "I am not a pervert! I just want secret things from you!" How perverted does that sound?

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