Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 13

Desperate housewives has to be one of the most creative housewives show of your time. And usually the twists and drama are what makes this show alive. This episode lacked all that drama that usually are present in the majority of episodes. But thats ok because you dont want every episode to leave you on the edge of your seat till next week.

Bree taking Orson back into her home and how he has been treating her seems to be just cause. A little more sympathy and compassion from her would be nice, but near the end of the episode after a melt down from Orson it was nice to see her finally cave and apologize for her previous actions, sleeping with Susan's ex husband.

And then there is the competition between Gaby and Susan over what level their child is in school. Not an overly exciting part of the episode but very entertaining none the less.

Lynette and her husband, those two have to be in the funniest relationship I have ever seen. I just love how they go through thick and thin together. I couldnt bear if they never made it.

I must say I love the new Italian housewive!!!!!!! She brings a spice of Sopranos to the show. I hope they never get rid of her. She's a keeper!


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