Intervention Season 9 Episode 7 "Joe" Review

I think that this episode tonight of Intervention would have to be one of my favorite story lines this entire season. Just because Joe was so far into his addiction that their famillies feared for his life. Some addictions that are showcased on this show can be milder cases but this one is far from it.

Joe is a heroine addict. And when it comes to getting his drug there is no limits. He was very resistent tonight into accepting help from his family and friends. And it looks like even the treatment was unable to help him on an end of the episode update.

This show does an amazing job of showing the effect drugs or any addiction for that matter can do to someone and the people in their lives. And there is no doubt that it is Emmy Award Winning. But sometimes I ask myself just how do these addicts not know they are on this show, especially with the cameras and so forth. Some guess it but not all. It is just a thought, but none the less it is an amazing show.


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