America's Got Talent Season 5 Episode 13 "Hollywood 1" Review

Tonight was the first week of Hollywood rounds on this season's America's Got Talent. And I think a lot of people can agree with me that this season has a lot of outstanding and diverse talent. But tonight we got to see a show that had some technical difficulties. I almost laughed out loud as someone on the staff must have forgot to turn on Nick Cannon's microphone and we couldn't hear him for the first few seconds of the show.

Another laughing moment would be from the contestant, Maricar, "the sexy painter lady". She did her painting act under water this time. It really screwed up her act. All she had going for her was sex appeal and you couldn’t see it underwater. She had on a wet suit for crying out loud. Plus she kept coming up to breathe. And to top it all off the painting was supposed to be Piers and it looked nothing like him. Goodbye sweetheart!

The act I have been anticipating to come back was the group of college Frat Boys named "Fighting Gravity". I wondered if they would be a one time wonder but their act was amazing tonight and just as good as their first.

Tonight was alright, more humours then anything but enjoyable none the less.


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