'South Park' Season 14, Episode 14 Recap

Tonight's episode brings us to the end of another season of 'South Park' and Trey Parker and Matt Stone have decided to end the season with a lot of sexual double entendres (or at least more sexual double entendres than usual). With this break, perhaps Matt Stone and Trey Parker will use the time to reflect and create. Perhaps they'll even write a Broadway musical.

It's funny how 'Crème Fraiche' made both food and exercise dirty at the same time. The Food Network became analogous to porn (and indeed, it is sometimes) and the Shake Weight became analogous to ... well, you know. This episode was more overtly sexual but you have to be overtly sexual when the subject of your satire is the sex life of a marriage.

It was nice to see Terrance and Phillip again, even if was in a parody commercial for Progressive Insurance. Was the woman accompanying them in the commercial one of the Queef sisters from 'Eat, Pray, Queef?'

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