'Survivor: Nicaragua' -- Fire and Rain (VIDEO)

'Survivor: Nicaragua' -- Fire and RainOn 'Survivor: Nicaragua,' things were burning up. We don't mean this as a metaphor. Yes, the players are always "burning" with ambition. But that's not what happened tonight. On the new episode (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS), the flames were a lot more literal.Libertad tribe broke into two teams for the latest challenge -- the prize being a pizza feast and a trip to a volcano. But they wouldn't have to visit a volcano to see ashes and flames. Blue team won, and Yellow team lost. While the Blues went off to eat pizza, the Yellow team returned to the campsite -- where they discovered a horrifying surprise.

After a torrential downpour had threatened to put out the campfire, the tribe (under Brenda's leadership) made an interesting decision. They put their wooden chests around the campfire to shield it from the heavy rain. This was a good idea -- except for one minor detail. Wooden chests are made of ... wood.

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